Happiness is synthetic—you either create it or the opposite. Happiness that lasts is earned through your habits. Supremely happy people have honed habits that maintain their happiness day in, day out. Permanently adopting new habits is hard, but breaking the habits that make you unhappy is much easier. There are numerous bad habits that tend to make us unhappy.

Eradicating the following bad habits can improve your happiness (summary):

1. Hanging around negative people.
2. Comparing your own life to the lives people portray on social media.
3. Immunity to awe.
4. Isolating yourself.
5. Blaming other people or circumstances for the bad things that happen to you.
6. It is hard to be happy without feeling in control of your life.
7. Complaining - A negative and self-reinforcing behavior.
8. Always trying to impress others- A significant source of unhappiness, because it does not get to the source of what makes you happy.
9. Feelings of negativity - Instead of complaining about how things could have been or should have been, be known that happy people reflect on everything they have to be grateful for.
10. Neglecting to set goals - Without goals, instead of learning and improving yourself, you just plod along wondering why things never change.
11. Giving in to fear - Do not be afraid to take risks.
12. Leaving the present - To live in the moment, you must accept and make peace with your past and accept the uncertainty of the future, and not placing unnecessary expectations upon yourself.


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