A ketogenic diet is also useful to achieve blood sugar control, weight loss, cancer, Alzheimer's and other health-related goals. This type of diet typically limits carbs to 20–50 grams per day. While this may seem challenging, many nutritious foods can easily fit into this way of eating.

Here are 16 healthy foods to eat on a ketogenic diet.

1. Olive Oil
2. Cheese
3. Low-Carb Vegetables
4. Avocados
5. Coconut Oil
6. Plain Greek Yogurt and Cottage Cheese
7. Meat and Poultry
8. Seafood
9. Eggs
10. Berries
11. Nuts and Seeds
12. Unsweetened Coffee and Tea
13. Shirataki Noodles
14. Olives
15. Butter and Cream
16. Dark Chocolate and Cocoa Powder

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