Your kidneys work hard for you 24/7, so naturally if you’re feeling fatigued or experiencing any sort of imbalance in the body, you may be considering a kidney cleanse. Your kidneys not only produce hormones for you, filter out excess water and sodium, and clean your blood, they pretty much handle all of the toxins that come in to your body from food, air, and water.

7 reasons why you may want to do a kidney detox:

- You’re feeling fatigued or more tired than usual.
- You feel pain in your kidneys after eating certain foods (or processed “phoods”).
- You’re experiencing skin problems like eczema, acne or rashes.
- You have a hormonal imbalance or feel extra moody.
- You’ve had kidney stones in the past.
- You’re experiencing weight gain and bloating.
- You have frequent or infrequent bladder problems or UTI’s

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