Dr. Seun is a board certified and fellowship trained laparoscopic, bariatric and general surgeon. He is Medical Director at Prime Surgicare and Co-Medical Director at Central Jersey Bariatrics, located in Freehold, NJ. Dr. Seun has received national attention for his work in the field of obesity and weight loss. What causes emotional overeating?

Dr. Seun: Emotional overeating is eating in response to an emotion. People overeat when they’re stressed, angry, bored, happy and for some, it is a social thing. Emotional overeating causes people to lose the distinction of eating when you’re hungry as opposed to eating for the sake of eating. Being around other people who overeat can cause overeating as well. Overeating makes people eat too much of the wrong thing or just eat too much in general. What are four things that people can do to overcome emotional overeating?

Dr. Seun: Recognize that you are prone to emotional overeating is the first step. Learn to be aware of the emotions that lead you to overeat. Secondly, remove yourself from the situation that will cause you to overeat.

The next step is to plan what you are going to do when encountered with the temptation to overeat. My suggestion is exercise, exercise, exercise! When you exercise it releases endorphins in your body. Endorphins are the feel good mechanisms in our body that make us feel great. Exercise is key.

Avoid mindless eating at all costs. Mindless eating comes in various forms. Eating in front of the television or just typing at the computer while eating is emotional overeating. Learn to eat when you are full and stop.

Lastly, setting definite meal times will help out a lot. Have a set time that you are going to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are going to eat breakfast at 8 am, do it everyday and be consistent. Lunch at 11 am and so forth. Set a time and stick to it to avoid overeating.

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