Many people think that dieting is one of the hardest thing that they have ever done. For most of them, that is probably true. Unfortunately, what many of these dieters do not realize is that dieting is a lifestyle. A person cannot go on a six-month diet, lose a lot of weight, then go back to their old ways and expect to maintain their new weight.

Luckily maintaining a weight is much easier than actually losing weight. There are a few simple lifestyle changes to make that will work for a vast majority of people. Here are four.

1. Intermittent Fasting (Intermittent fasting is not dieting. Rather, it is choosing when to eat and when not to. It involves scheduling out your day so that you skip certain meals and eat more for other meals.)

2. Avoid Bored Eating

3. Portion Control

4. Habits (Researchers say that it takes 21 days to build a habit. The day you stop your diet is the day to start structuring your habits. Many people do not realize how unhealthy their ..........)

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