There’s so much more you can do with soda — other than dissolving your teeth and bones and gaining weight. Here are 7 useful surprising ways to use soda:

1. Pest control - Some people poison garden slugs with Coke. Just fill a low bowl with Coca-Cola and place it in the garden overnight. The sugars from the soda will entice the slugs and then those poor little suckers will drown in the acid. Barbaric, yet effective.
2. Toilet bowl cleaner
3. Gum remover
4. Hair thickener - If your hair is limp and lifeless, rinsing it with Coke and then hot water will give it bounce and body.
5. Grease remover
6. Clean car battery terminals - Pour a little soda, let it sit, use gloves and an old toothbrush. Then wipe dry with clean cloth.
7. Remove skunk spray - Pour coke over your body (or the pet). Wait a few minutes and then rinse.

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