Many people don’t realize is that artificial sweeteners can cause a dangerous addiction — an addiction to overly sweet foods. They retrain the taste buds to need more and more, sweeter and sweeter foods. This leads to even greater incidences of obesity, type 2 diabetes, kidney damage and so much more. - Dr Axe

Here are 7 facts that could happen if you stop eating artificial sweeteners.

1. You might bust a weight loss plateau - Artificial sweeteners consumed alone, without food, can trigger the release of insulin, because the body is expecting something sweet.

2. You might gain weight - A beverage that contains real sugar will add empty calories that could lead to weight gain.

3. Your candy cravings might disappear - In animal studies, artificially sweetened foods primed the reward system of the brain to seek out more sugar and calories, according to recent research.

4. You could slash your diabetes risk - Artificial sweeteners may contribute to type 2 diabetes by 67% : Study

5. You might deal with headaches - If you have been getting your fake-sugar fix from diet soda, you could suffer withdrawal headaches from the sudden lack of caffeine.

6. Your gut will get healthier - A healthy gut is important for your immune system, your metabolism, and all-around wellness, and that artificial sugars may throw off that delicate balance of bacteria.

7. If you are breastfeeding, your milk will be different - A study from the National Institutes of Health found the presence of sucralose, acesulfame-K, and saccharin in the breast milk of 65 percent of the breastfeeding women they studied.

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