Good skin starts from within, and your diet might be much more laden with toxins than you think. Stock your kitchen with these 8 foods to keep the wrinkles and dullness at bay and learn why they are crucial.

1) Seaweed - The amino-acids assist in the skin's elastin and prevent premature aging of skin. The iodine also helps in hormone's production which allows the skin to be in healthy condition.
2) Cacoa - Contains flavonols that boost blood flow, carries oxygen and nutrients to the skin's surface.
3) Oysters - Contains zinc that supports the healthy function of skin cells.
4) Kale - Contains Vitamin A, C, K and iron that promotes blood flow and improves the production of collagen.
5) Berries - The presence of anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps to fend off skin-damaging stuffs at cellular level.
6) Sunshine-coloured fruits and vegetables - Beta carotene which converts to vitamin A in the body encouraging cell renewal.
7) Tropical fruits - (Guavas, pineapples and kiwis). Loaded with vitamin C which helps in the production of collagen that can assist in the fast healing of acne.
8) Fish and nuts - The fatty acids lock in moisture and forms a healthy lipid barrier.

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