Corns and calluses develop for similar reasons – excessive friction or pressure on a part of our skin. This results in the hard, thickened skin of a corn or a callus. What most people don’t realize, however, is that corns and calluses are not the same thing. A corn is usually smaller than a callus, and is essentially an area of inflamed skin surrounding a hard center. Corns often develop on unexpected parts of the feet, such as the areas between the toes or the top of the feet. Corns can be painful when you push on them. Calluses are usually larger and can be found on the bottom of the feet, as well as the hands. Calluses are usually not painful.

Lemon: When you are suffering from a painful corn, most of that discomfort is coming from the hard center of the corn, which is constantly pressed on, causing even more inflammation. Lemon juice, however, is packed with antioxidants and natural soothing agents that can soften the hardened skin. Eventually, the hard center of the corn will fall out, relieving the pain .....

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