By Dr Mercola

Researchers are now warning that wallpaper can be a significant source of fungi that contribute to toxic air pollution and sick building syndrome. Several studies discovered three types of fungi living in household wallpaper: Penicillium brevicompactum, Aspergillus versicolor and Stachybotrys chartarum.

These three fungi are also common food contaminants. When these fungi grow in wallpaper (or elsewhere), their mycotoxins can easily spread into the air and dust, thus gaining access to your lungs. As reported by NBC News:

Mold growing in buildings can make people sick, especially people who are allergic to various fungi. It is also known that various molds and fungi produce mycotoxins — chemicals that can sicken and even kill people and animals. What has not been entirely clear is how mold growing in and on walls or elsewhere in buildings might make people sick.

The Toxic Roots of Many Illnesses
Two years ago, I interviewed Suzanne Somers — a well-known actress turned health guru and proliferate author — about her book TOX-SICK: From Toxic to Not Sick, in which she delves into the toxic roots of disease. Despite eating organic foods, sleeping well and exercising, Suzanne and her husband both struggled with health issues stemming from toxic overload, including toxic black mold that (unbeknownst to them) had invaded the air conditioning ducts from standing water in an unfinished basement room.

In her husband, the black mold settled into his cranium, sinuses, cerebellum and central nervous system, causing symptoms of Parkinsons disease. In Suzanne, it settled into the intestines, where it degraded her immune system and activated a dormant fungus called coccidioidomycosis, also known as Valley Fever.

One of the difficulties with molds is that the effects they produce are limited only by the organs in your body. They can affect just about anything. They can also aggravate just about any health problem you already have.


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