In a recent study published in the American Society for Microbiology, researchers found people who suffer from migraines have a higher growth of oral bacteria that reduces nitrates into nitrites. Your body then converts the nitrites into nitric oxide which creates higher chances of getting migraines. In separate research, scientists linked an increased amount of nitric oxide with a higher potential for suffering from migraines.

On top of that, hormones may also be responsible for migraine headaches. Recent research has demonstrated that women who suffer from migraines experience a 10% greater drop in their estrogen levels prior to menstruation than women who do not get migraines. Greater reduction in estrogen may increase your vulnerability to the negative effects of stress, lack of sleep and food choices, thereby increasing your risk of migraines.

Did you know that migraines are also linked to vitamins deficiencies? A study has concluded that a deficiency in CoQ10 may be common in a pediatric and adolescent population that suffers from migraine headaches. Supplementation demonstrated decreased frequency of headaches and reduced disability.

Magnesium deficiency also contributes to migraine headaches. In a paper published in 2012, researchers acknowledged the integral relationship between magnesium and multiple bodily processes. A lack of magnesium may promote a number of different illnesses, including depression, platelet aggression, serotonin receptor function and influence production and use of neurotransmitters.

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