Amputation and death are very real possibilities as a result of gangrene. Gangrene is a form of necrosis, meaning premature cell death, that can affect the body due to insufficient blood flow. Therefore, the following home remedies should be considered as supplemental strategies, but seeking formal medical attention is important, particularly if the gangrene has reached a serious, potentially lethal state.

1. Cayenne Pepper - Improves immune system and increases blood flow to counter inflammation.
2. Keep Hydrated - Water helps our organ systems to function properly, regulates blood pressure, improves blood circulation and fluid balance.
3. Eat lesser fruits - Due to its natural sugar content that can aggravate inflammation.
4. Consume more veggies
5. Butchers broom - An anti-inflammatory and improve blood circulation.
6. Beans - High in protein which help speed healing and increase blood flow.
7. Echinacea - Relieves pain and inflammation.
8. Olive Leaf Extract - Improve immune system when consume and can be topically applied to the affected area.
9. Salmon - High in omega 3 fatty acids which act as anti-inflammatory promotes blood flow and improve circulation.
10. Protein-Rich-Foods - Essential during recovery from an infection or from a wound.
11. AVOID soy! - Research has shown that soy products can ACTUALLY increase the spread of gangrene which is possibly due to the bad effect of soy on our hormones.

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