Does your favorite skincare product contain toxic dangers? Naturopathic doctor Dr. Trevor Cates discusses some of the possible harmful chemicals in some of your favorite products and offers up some healthier alternatives.

“There are so many toxins in our skincare products and we use, on average, 9 personal care products per day. That exposes us to [on average] 126 unique ingredients,” she warns.

Ingredients that Dr. Cates says to look out for are:
DMDM hydantoin - Another name for a formaldehyde releaser and is toxic.
Mineral oil - Made from petroleum which is harmful to the body.
Coal tar - Toxic and comes from tar and often used in dandruff products.

Dr. Cates says there are many natural and safe alternatives available. Some suggested swaps she recommends are:
Rosemary leaf extract - A natural preservative and safer option compared to a formaldehyde releaser.
Argon oil - A clean, vitamin-filled alternative to mineral oil.
Aloe vera – A natural hydration product that can be used instead of coal tar.

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