Coffee is glorious. Enjoyed by billions for its miraculous abilities to pick up and wake up. And there are good reasons to quit coffee and the like: it can destroy your stomach's lining, deprive you of sleep, or send your blood pressure sky high. Caffeine is a highly addictive substance, and your body goes through quite an ordeal when you try to break that dependence. Here's a look at what happens to your body when you quit consuming coffee, tea, soda, and energy drinks.

- Your blood pressure will go down
- You'll sleep better
- Your dental health will improve
- You'll lose weight (e.g If you usually put a tablespoon of cream and a sugar packet in every cup, that's an instant elimination of a few hundred calories a day.
- No more unnecessary adrenaline spikes
- You'll get fewer headaches
- Halting bowel potty emergencies that always seem to come with alarming regularity in the middle of the morning.
- Lesser frequent urination
- You'll end the cycle of addiction (though you will pay the price with headaches and irritability while gradually weaning off the caffeine) ......

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